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  • Dee Ann Gilgen

    "My period will now be called shark week" Now THAT is funny stuff!

  • Mary Beth Weaver

    A shark's brain looks the same as the female reproductive system. My period will now be called shark week. so random, i laughed out loud!!

  • Meleney Pafford

    A whole new meaning to "shark week" and proof God does have a sense of humor!

  • Lacey Rigozzi

    shark week! There is such a thing!!!

  • Dana Romney

    "my period will now be called, shark week." #sharkweek

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i was kinda sick of seeing the no hope, no cash, no jobs stuff on facebook, but the last one's funny. no one wants to go without bacon! ;) this one is actually funny! haha.

hahahhaa totally doing this this year!

funny stuff

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Not quite sure what I expected // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

i dont know if this is as funny as i think it is or its the 3 am talking... hahahahahaha

She actually followed him around like a little puppy. He saved her from a fishermans net, and I guess she just fell in love with him ♥ so cute.. If you have the chance you should google the story:)

  • Madeline Sterling

    Christina livens

  • Jamie Murphey

    You idiot, that is a SHARK! the sole goal of a shark is to eat. "Followed like a puppy" bah!

  • Shaylah Geikie

    Mostly all animals are friendly to a humans if they save them, even sharks. Lighting kills more people than sharks do. Shark attacks are extremely rare. Know your facts before you blab, you're making yourself look stupid. :/

  • Kayla Bateman

    Courtney Guido

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It already was called this...just supports the concept. Elizabeth Lockhart Glover @Style Space & Stuff Blog Gray

Love me some shark week. I don't even care if its the same shows every year

I find this incredibly funny!