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    Hilarious! :)

    Infographic for commonly confused (misspelled or misused) words. A helpful infographic from Your Dictionary. Perfect for the classroom!

    stinkin colon & semi-colon... I always forget which one of you to use!!!!!!!!

    how to use a semicolon

    This is from a college professor who is combatting punctuation "myths" kids pick up in school.

    Fix your grammar. I want to send this to 75% of the people I have seen on forums because they need to hear it.

    This will teach them!

    punctuation poster

    Printable mini poster with clear examples

    I Before E T-Shirt, women's medium $25

    I need to send this to my students.

    Figures of Speech, grammar skills

    How to use commas

    Great comprehension strategies for students who read fluently but don't have good comprehension

    ELA in the middle | Middle School English, Language Arts

    "I like cooking my family and my pets." Use commas. Don't be a psycho. Punctuation Saves Lives!!!

    Hilarious Grammar Posters For Your Classroom! A Must-Have For All English Teachers

    A Magical Guide to Plagiarism

    Write right ... 10 common grammar mistakes and how to fix them. #writingtips #writingbiz

    Foreshadowing Definition: A warning or indication of a future event. Example: Before she’s fatally shot by a hunter (and millions of childhoods are scarred), Bambi’s mother gives Bambi a stern lecture on the dangers of man.