Vintage Brooch Bookmarks

punch a hole in the shape of a heart into an old book (I'm thinking a dictionary and choosing certain words), and arrange them into a frame for a decoration

A must have bookmark!

Kids Craft: Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks. Can't wait to have the girls make one for Aunt Brandy, Nonnie and MoMo!

Beautified Bags Sew sachet bags from linen and fill with lavender for a sweet-smelling gift. Use vintage brooches or earrings to secure the flap of the bags closed. Perfect For: Your holiday party hostess, mom, aunt, or grandma. Make It Say Christmas: Adorn with holiday-inspired jewelry and fill with balsam for a Christmas scent.

[Their own hands] Butterfly knot bookmarks ~ only need four steps can be completed very simple ~ needs materials and tools are: cloth strips (width length by preference just the right), paper clips, fixed wire bar (or line), fabric glue and scissors . Simple and practical bookmarks, do it yourself to do a ~~



Cork Coasters in picture frame.

Eyes catching handcrafted brooch/pendant transformer "Owl" made with Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads, and Japanese seed beads.


guided reading bookmarks

Valentine's Day Crafts - Bookmarks

good idea

Charming Bookmark

Felt heart bookmarks

Repurpose vintage brooches - Jewelry Magnets

bracelets made with vintage earrings/buttons