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play with me!!

Can I Play, Too?

Please let me have a cookie...please! *Cutest photo ever!

big world, little me

"I gave a dog my heart. It's never been broken."


I'm not a cat.....I'm not a cat.....I'm not a cat...

A duck-billed protective muzzle for dogs. May as well look hysterical if you can't play nice in the park.

Gibbon ape contemplating life...

Bob Wallace - Lotus front, ca. 1937


Big Puppy #big dog #basketball #nba #cute pics #funny pictures http://www.adorabo.com/view/big-puppy


Pollution and global warming contributed to get you sick ,let know the world that pollution, medical research on animals and people is genocide, eat healthy, go green, be smart don't eat shit meat govegetarian, http://dammebleustartgate2freedom.blogspot.ca/2013/09/how-to-heal-radiation-and-cancer-with.html

Nosey :)

makes me smile everytiiiime



cool-tank-story-dog. Makes me miss my Tank, Just as sweet.

Aw Shucks