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Best Red Sea Coral Reef

Best Red Sea Coral Reef

"Do you like my hat?"

A lion cub desperately wants to play - but mum somehow manages to ignore the playful youngster as she searches for food. British-based wildlife photographer Margot Raggett snapped the funny moment while in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Two of the five Rhino species are native to Africa and three to southern Asia, whilst the IUCN Red List identifies three of the species as critically endangered.

Very sad news: Africa’s western black rhino is now officially extinct. Poaching has taken the lives of every single western black rhino on the planet.

Kameel - 15x de schattigste exotische baby dieren

Kameel - 15x de schattigste exotische baby dieren

The eyes melt you!  -  From: http://www.animals-zone.com/cute-baby-animals/#

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baby seal.

Hi dere . Imma seal and duh, I smell da fishies . So as people react to da doggies, I will give you a high five . Now I want da fishies .

Sea Lion Pup - Galapagos Islands   I would love it and squeeze it and call it george : ) - (Harvey)

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Bear Hugs

~~Happy Mother's Day ~ Brown Bear cub hugging Mom by Giovanni Mari~~don't you just love 'bear hugs':))