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Thirty-one officers from Hartford PD, West Hartford PD, and the Connecticut State Police are under investigation for allegedly using excessive force against Diaz and Perez after the pursuit.

Black on White Crime, The Wichita Massacre This video is intended to educate and make the public aware of brutal crimes that are not usually covered by the main-stream media in America. The Wichita Massacre happened in December of 2000 in Wichita Kansas. Five adults were robbed, the females were raped then they were forced to perform sexual acts upon one another and then murdered by two brothers out of hate.

REVERSE ENGINEERING HILLARY’S CRIMES: MEDIA HAVE IT BACKWARDS The implication is clear. “You want a favor from the State Department? Pay the Clinton Foundation.”

"Cops in America can murder someone on video, and walk free." Remember This Well America And It Will Happen Tomorrow Too . Just Watch Your Backs No Matter What Because You Just Never Know

U.S. support of Israel's brutal crimes hurts American security because it angers many people & some are motivated to resort to terrorism. U.S. support of Israel puts Americans at risk & it's immoral & unjust. If Americans knew what Israel was actually doing they would not support it in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Join Email List: http://Ti...

Female Water Protectors BRUTALIZED By Oil Police | TYT Politics | Published Nov 7, 2016 | | Click to watch and share video (34:36).