The plastic charm necklaces!!! These were AWESOME!!

I remember silly putty

80s charm necklaces

80's Charm necklace...I loved mine

Of all the 80s stuff I wish I still had, my charm necklace is near the top

puka shells

80s. Yes and yes.

I remember going with my grandma to get polyester pants in the 80s

The 80s

Toys of the '80s

in the 80s

Pen Bracelets!!

Ah...the 80s. :)

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80s toys!!

The story says this was the rage in the 80's,but I remember playing with them in the 60's. I can't remember what they were called,but in this story they call the the Cootie Catcher. Doesn't sound right to me.Does any one know? going to teach my gransons.


Complete 6 piece military dog tag set including 2 dog tags, 2 chains, and 2 silencers. Satifaction Guaranteed! Over 1,000,000 sold!

I remember...

This is what we did before texting :)