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Bozo 4012
Bozo 4012 • 3 years ago


  • Lexi Wahmhoff
    Lexi Wahmhoff • 3 years ago

    It's funny, until

  • Megan Park
    Megan Park • 3 years ago

    This isn't Facebook, people. You don't need to comment on whether you like or dislike every single thing you see. And if you are like that on Facebook too, I'd probably de-friend you. It's annoying to have to put your two cents into EVERYTHING.

  • Lindsay Arseny
    Lindsay Arseny • 3 years ago

    Just saying: definition of drug: 1. a chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body. 2. any chemical compound used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease or other abnormal condition. 3. a substance used recreationally for its effects on the central nervous system, such as a narcotic. 4. to administer a drug to. A drug is a drug guys. Be safe!

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