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The Great Artificial Elephant - Nantes, France: This is a robotic miracle! Made from 45 tons of recycled materials,measuring 12 meters high and 8 meters wide. It can carry up to 49 passengers!

A City that Can Only be Found Once a Year [38 Pics] | I Like To Waste My Time

For the 2006 Burning Man festival Scott Cocking of San Diego studied spoke-wheel construction and set out to create wheels out of car wheels and plastic.

10 Symbolic Cars from Past, Made With Steam Engine

Trevithick Steam Powered London Coach (designed in (Comment by original pinner.

leia and r2d2 - would love to figure out how to make this for the boys

Looking for a creative Halloween costume for your kid? Check out these pop culture Halloween costumes. Some are DIY Halloween costumes and others take some skill, but they are all awesome!


I imagine this a starting setting for a spelljammer story {Joana Garrido, WIP for the series “Buildings have feelings too,

Star wars cosplay

Incredible Handmade Star Wars Corsets from etsy seller Damsel in this Dress. I shall get a friend to dress up like this for Halloween with me!

Chewbacca hockey jersey

Wookiee sensation: The Star Wars Night Chewbacca hockey jersey

Rustbucket - Two by *monsterkookies "I decided to name him Rustbucket because of the rich brass and copper I used to pick out some of his details. He looks kinda rusty.   Although this creature looks to be made from metal, he is not - he is completely handsculpted from polymer clay with the addition of a few metal findings and twisted wire legs. This piece has been glazed with a satin finish for a slight sheen and durability."

Mechanical Birdie by Kimberly Hart of MonsterKookies - I was sure I had you on this Board already!