Serenity prayer ankle tattoo

little owl ankle tattoo

My ankle tattoo :)

Lotus ankle tattoo okay I normally don't like lotus tattoos but this one I cute

Ankle and Foot Tattoos

Tribal swirl ankle tattoo. Pretty design.

I would really like the whole quote of the Serenity Prayer but this may be a good idea instead

My Serenity Prayer tattoo - LOVE!

I'm done with tattoos but this would be a cute one (:

Serenity prayer swirl tat




henna - I think Henna style would make a great real tattoo


Poppy tattoo

Cat tattoo

Detailed tattoo

moon tattoos for women | moon tattoo white ink by StarMeKitten

Beautiful branch tattoo. I like the idea of the birds flying away for my tree tattoo.

skull tattoo - so perfect!