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Yoda says

I love saying Calm you Tits, I am not even a Star Wars fan but hearing Yoda say it is pretty funny.

Funny pictures about Talk to the hand. Oh, and cool pics about Talk to the hand. Also, Talk to the hand photos.

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Yoda & Coffee

What Kind Of Alien Are You? Whatever Yoda is. "A Yoda you are! Much wisdom, you have. Prefer peace and solitude, you do. You crave not these things.

Hard to do

What I feel like saying every time a nurse/doctor calls looking for results when we've only received the sample a few minutes ago.

Ha...who thinks of this stuff?

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John Boyega and his best friend Harrison Ford.

John Boyega seems to like Harisson Ford

Get yourself someone who loves you the way John Boyega loves Harrison Ford

Top 25 Star Wars Humor Quotes #Star wars #Humor

Top 25 Star Wars Humor Quotes

It all makes sense now<< Star Wars is actually considered an Epic, which is a story that begins 'en medias res', meaning 'in the middle' of the action.<<way to have a sense of humor, dude.

#Disney #Lucas

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Jedi training hasn't changed much over the years...

Pass on what you have learned - luke and yoda in star wars.go Rey carrying old Luke