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    Extensive List of Organic Pest Control

    Natural bug spray for the garden.

    bug be gone: homemade all-natural and non-toxic bug spray!

    Homemade pesticides to stop those dang bugs from eating up your plants. #gardening #landscaping

    From the Gardening Cook-10 Ways to Use Baking Soda in the Garden -who knows baking soda is a great garden aid? Here are a few tips: *Use it as a natural fungicide *As garden grime buster *Use it for powdery mildew *Rejuvenate your rose bushes *Use it as weed killer/preventer *Kill cabbage worms *Sweeten your tomatoes *Kill crabgrass *Test your soil PH *Discourage pests in the garden

    Consider Me Inspired: Make Your Own At Home- Weed Killer

    Eggshells as Organic Pest Control. Helps to kill Japanese Beetles, snails, slugs, & other garden pests. Recycling something that's usually trash & it's free! |

    Green garden insecticides

    #Good Garden Bugs - Beneficial Bugs Garden Pack Pest Control | Buy from Gardener's Supply

    6 Plants That Repel Insects

    This picture describes the graphic detail of plant Leaves diseases: White flies Aphids Spots Grey Mould Powdery Mildew Leaf Fall Leaf Bronzing Rust Mealy Bug Yellowing of Leaves

    Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate... Helps to produce bushier plants, produce more flowers, and deter pests. Tips for how much to use for different plants.

    [A Dozen Homemade Organic Garden Remedies | Hope Gardens] I've used vinegar successfully as a weed spray and epsom salts in the pepper patch. I want to try the insecticidal soap (no. 1) when the scale comes to my lime and blueberry plants.

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    Don't throw your eggshells away. They are great for the garden in so many ways! And they're a cheap way to make diatomaceous earth. (Bugs don't like it)

    Guide to natural garden fertilizers. . . most of this stuff we would just throw in the trash. . .good information in here!

    Get Busy Gardening!: Eggshells as Organic Pest Control

    Great tip from the Urban Organic Gardener. Make your own homemade spray to get rid of aphids. Boil some water with onions, garlic and cayenne pepper, let it steep, then spray down the aphids and undersides of leaves.

    Neem Oil Concentrate for Pest Control by Bonide® | Gardener's Supply

    6 Things that'll keep bad bugs out of your garden