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    Single Use Packs, made using straws and a lighter. Great for traveling! This would work for all kinds of things like toothpaste, etc.

    • Joan V

      DIY single use packets made from straws. Could use for medicine or spices or even beads in crafting when traveling. I love this!

    • Angela Merrick

      DIY single use antibiotic packs out of drinking straws. I wish I saw this when we made our first aid kits.

    • Marsha Kibbe

      DIY - Single Use Antibiotic Packs, brilliant! Maybe camping trip spices, toothpaste too? Good idea. I've been wondering how to replinish first aid kit.

    • Lynette Prosise

      DIY Single use topical abc antibiotic ointment + unused drinking straw + pliers to pinch & lighter to seal ends! Tada- travel 1st aide! Love this idea.

    • Kendra Parker

      Single Use Antibiotic Packs made from filling and sealing drinking straws. Cool tutorial. Great travel and backpacking idea. best idea for my hubby camping trips

    • Meri DeGroft

      single use packs, made using straws and a lighter (for camping, overnight trips, ect) brilliant ideas! I may do this for first aid kits for the camper

    • Rachel Goodall

      DIY Single Use Packs, made using straws and a lighter. Need to make some of these for my mini first aid kit. Also a great idea for traveling/camping! This would work for all kinds of things like toothpaste, etc. Label with fine point Sharpie.

    • Erin Rodriguez

      Great idea for camping (or other travel) - Make single use packets of antibiotic ointment, toothpaste, spices, or anything else for traveling: Squeeze into a plastic straw, clamp the edge plus excess with pliers, melt the plastic together with a lighter. Presto!

    • Kate Hill

      How to use a plastic straw, scissors and a lighter to make single use antibiotic ointment packets. Easy and hundreds of uses! Click the link for step by step instructions. Great idea for take anywhere first aid kit

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    How to make very small, single use packets of antibiotic ointment using a generic alternative to Neosporin and a clean (unused) drinking straw. If you're like me and have kids, chances are very good that you have an open tube of antibiotic ointment in your medical cabinet. On its own it is too large to carry on a backpacking trip, so we're going to re purpose it.

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