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Because I love you.

Worried Mother


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You are Stronger than you know - More capable then you ever dreamed - and you are loved more than you could possibly imagine #Positive Thoughts #Inspiration

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True Story

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Babies Forever

Robert Munsch

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Cry Everytime

One of my favorite books to read to my kids.

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must remember a messy house doesn't bother my children as much as it bothers me, playtime is what's important! messy and dirty are 2 very different things... messy is all right with me!

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The Love Between a Mother and Daughter is Forever Necklace | Hand Stamped Mommy Necklace | Personalized Jewelry | Mother Daugther Necklace

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I love this!

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My greatest wish is that my kids always know I love them... Follow us for more inspirational sayings

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You know you're a mom when you... go to the store for yourself and come out with bags full of things for your kids #quote #mama #kinderen

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This is how we parent. And by "I'm sorry", I mean, "you're welcome society."

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Love My Children

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3 Kids

Love My Boys

To my children...I was snuggling with K last night, I felt the need to tell her the story of her birth it was touching to see her so interested and show such feelings when I told her how scared I was...then this morning she wanted to know about B & C's stories...warms my heart

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Arms of children around you

Jewels You Ll


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So very true.

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.When my boys were young, one of their friends asked me what they should call me. I told them QUEEN worked for me!

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I Win





So true

Love My Boys

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I Love You So

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I Miss You

Boys Shane

Ethan Josiah

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Old Love

my sons.

Love My Boys

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Love This

Love My Children

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so true


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I will do this for my grandchildren


Love My Boys

The Boy

Love Him

3 Boys

Boys Shane

Boys Isaac

My Wish For You

Love You To The Moon And Back Quotes

Scott n Dan I wish we could go back and start all over cuz you both have grown too fast!!! Love You And so Proud of You Both.......Always:))))