A great way to organize stations!

The Daily Five


Daily 5 Rubric

This is an AMAZING lesson planning app. You can email the plans, print them out, etc., for record keeping purposes. Color coded for each student's records. YES finally found a reason why I NEED an iPAD! Yay!!! #app

Math Center Organization

Literacy Stations Chart

Weather chart

Daily 5

INSTRUCTION: Toobaloo Phonological feedback design and Headset: Great to support students improve their fluency and expression. Great for any student, especially struggling readers. When students are engaged in silent reading this allows students to clearly hear, assess and correct without disturbing other students. The headset allows for handsfree use makes reading more comforatble.

Love these free tips and ideas!

The Teacher's Backpack: Daily 5 Folders

pocket chart ideas

I LOVE THIS IDEA! duct tape and folders to create this - don't need to buy another pocket chart!

Classroom Management--for my teacher friends.

daily five

Perfect solution for group supplies----What a GREAT idea! This blog has a TON of smart ideas for organizing your classroom. {Your Teacher's Aide}

centers materials, busy bags organization

I may use this as a visual reminder of the expected noise level in my open space classroom. I can't think of a time when outside voice would ever be used, so I'm not sure I'll include it. However, it could serve as a reminder that there IS a louder voice level, we just aren't using it!

With a magnetic dry erase board, 4 storage tubs, book ledge, shelf and chart hooks, this teaching easel has everything you need to present engaging lessons without distractions.#VE550

Corkboard Connections: Easy Differentiation with Colored Folders