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Colleen Moore

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Colleen Moore

Celebrities Dogs

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Poodle Mary

Moore Celebrities

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Mary Tyler Moore

Poodle Friend

Mary Tyler Moore with her dog at her home 1971

Sleeping Dogs

Ahhhh Sleeping

Doggie Nose

Sweet Dreams



Bow Quote

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Chow Chow

Chowtales A Chow

Clara Bow

Clara Bow

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Cute dog.

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Princess Alexandra

Princess Victoria

Phoenix Dog

Princess Victoria with Mac on board the 'Victoria and Albert III'. 1909.

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Awwww Adorable

Dalmation Puppy

Coach Dog


Tina Williams


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Dog Photographer of the year 2011

Borzoi Beauty

Grey Hound


Beautiful Dogs

Beautiful Borzoi



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Beautiful Dogs

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Spreading awareness…

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Fur Babie

Dog Leash

Yellow dog project, Spreading awareness…

Detailed Cost

Aye Chihuahua

Chihuahua Love

Praying Chihuahua


Aussiegirl Chihuahua




Please let me have a cookie...please! *Cutest photo ever!

Dogs Dogs

Adorable Scruffy

Cutest Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog

Cute Dogs


:) ck Big white fluffy Dog reminds me of my friend Colleen's stuffed animal dog she named

Sheep Dogs

Cute Animal


Old English Sheepdog

Red Tulips

red and white and green all over... #dogs #flowers

Bloglovin’from Bloglovin’

Photo (A Life Lived Well)

Best Friends

Hiking With Dog

Hiking Picture

hiking partner


Unconditional Love

Truest Friend

Best Friends

Mans Best Friend



The love of a dog can teach us much...

Dog 1926

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Greta Garbo

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Movie Stars


Greta Garbo

Pets Favor

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man w/ dog

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Boxers Harvey

Boxers 1953

Lauren Bacall sits with her pet Boxers: Harvey, George and Baby- Beverly Hills, April 1953

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dog and toddler