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    • Ramy Abd-Elaziz

      helpful hint add to key ring

    • Jodene Smith

      using a staple remover to open a key ring! Good bye broken finger nails!!

    • Destination Create

      See my blog on 8 Helpful Tips for the New Year, read more... #life hack #tip

    • Awesome Life Hacks

      Staple Remover > Key Ring > Quick & Easy | #awesomelifehacks #lifehacks #repin

    • Leisa Pitchford

      Using a staple remover to open a key ring - genius! (I need to remember this.)

    • Jessica's Truth

      Use a staple remover to save your fingernails when trying to add things to your key ring - 18 Household Tips That Will Help You Get Through Your Everyday Life. Why didn't I think of this??

    • Susannah D.

      Life hack: use staple remover to add new key to key ring

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    If you're like me and like to hang your sweaters vs. digging around in a drawer for them, this tip is for you! Avoid unsightly “bumps” and stretched-out sweaters by learning how to "hang-fold" them.

    Store and organize board games in a hanging shoe organizer. Never thought of this.

    Hang your collection of board games on the Tutorial: Turn board games into wall art // By Heather Laura Clarke // My Handmade Home #tutorial #DIY #boardgameart

    I wish my mom did this for me. File folders for K-12 to hold memorable school items and showcase that years school photo. I will be doing this! :)

    Revamp a linen closet: remove the door & replace with drawers and glass doors I LOVE THIS IDEA.

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    If you learn (and work) best by SEEING things, this system is for you. #planning #organizing

    Homeowner (or rental!) annual checklist.

    Shred, scan or store? A guide to organizing paperwork at home

    A list to what/where papers documents you should keep and how long to keep them.

    Ditch the big clunky coupon organizer and condense in to something like this! Via Snail Pace Transformations

    Handy paper organizing (& purging) chart

    Get organized

    A fail-proof 3 part plan for how to handle ALL THAT artwork and school papers!

    Place items inside a plastic tub before storing them in your cabinets. No more digging for the stuff in the back.

    Simple and inexpensive ways to organize kids art supplies.

    How to Pack Like a Pro article in the July '12 issue of Real Simple - So helpful! Illustrations by Joel Holland

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    How to Keep the Toys from Taking Over - white house black shutters

    Cleaning Blinds: mix equal parts vinegar and warm water in a bowl. Slip an old sock on your hand and wash away. I so hate this job :(

    Kitchen Helpers: 10 Multi-Compartment Sorting Garbage & Recycling Bins

    Garage or basement organizing with Ikea GORM shelving

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