specific books for whatever strategy you are teaching!

A list of books for teaching specific concepts.

Great short movies to use in teaching, plus lesson ideas!

For all my teacher friends-repin!!! Books listed by reading strategy - inferring, synthesizing, making connections, etc.

a whole website full of read alouds and the videos

A Pinterest board filled with reading skills and strategies using images.... seriously brilliant!

Find the Perfect Book for whatever you're teaching--from manners to reading skills--a huge list sorted by theme.

Rethinking the Book Box- great article on how to effectively use a book box

This is a great website! There are over 150 digital books! Really good books! All free! Love this !!!!

Books • Little Monkey Calms Down

Robert Munsch reads all of his stories aloud on his official site! I never read Robert Munsch to my kids. I tell them I cannot do justice to his read-aloud amazingness! They have to listen to him.

For teaching about rules & thoughtless behavior. This may be great for even middle school. I should get this book...

to teach cause and effect

List of Children's Books that Focus on Empathy and Acceptance. Unfortunately, I see a lot of kids around that could use some of these reminders.

Teach your children feeling words to increase their emotional intelligence

Good picture book for teaching dialogue and point of view

reading comprehension strategies poster

Monique attends a school where everyone wears a uniform. Everyday she must wear her blue top and brown skirt. She wants to be different, so each day she looks for a way to express her uniqueness from painting her nails to carrying a big fancy bag.

Video on teaching phoneme segmentation.

Just like my father...me and my brother... : tout comme mon père, moi et mon frère... ; Back to Nature Books. A father and his sons reading in the outdoors. Circa 1910.

Books with alliteration - Re-pinned by #PediaStaff. Visit http://ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins