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How to Make a Natural Bow and Arrow

How to Make a Natural Bow and Arrow. Ever wanted to become an archery expert but haven't got any money to buy or rent a decent bow and set of arrows? Well, here are instructions for making your own! Find the freshest wood possible. It...
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How To Jump Start a Car FREE Printable : this would be good to print and keep w/ jumper cables!

Bug Out Seed Bag

Really simple seed storage and organization system for the home gardener. #gardeningtips #organization #diy

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The Beekeepers Calendar Year and Guide to Bee Keeping Throughout the Year

Welcome To Basic Beekeeping Lesson 18 How Many Hives Should You Start With?

The Beekeeping Year Starts In The Fall

A private burial — in which you bury a deceased loved one on your own property — may be a good option, but when shtf there will need to be careful planning. People have forgotten how to bury the dead since now it is left to funeral homes... Careful planning will be necessary.

Prepared NOT Scared! Emergency preparedness for babies, including emergency formula recipe.

A practical root cellar design

How to Raise Honeybees: A Beginner's Guide

A Simple Guide to Raising & Milking Goats | Weed'em & ReapWeed'em & Reap-- Full time grass feeding dairy goats

A step by step photo tutorial of how to make handmade cold process soap.

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Water Sources and How to Treat Them

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Basics of Cold Weather Survival

8 Pre-Winter Chores For The Homestead

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