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If you were born in the 90s, you know that before texting were hand written notes that you had to secretly pass to your friends in class. Sometimes those notes would pass through many hands before they made it to the other side of the classroom. It never failed, someone would jump or startle and say, "What's this?" and blow everyone's cover, most importantly, the person who wrote/sent the note. TGFT (Thank Goodness For Texting)

Why Kids Who Didn't Grow Up In The 90s Missed Out

.I was a lisa frank fan, by far.... I collected anything and everything. So excited that my daughter has come to like some of there stuff.

I feel like this wasn't only the 90's but also the early 2000's because I was born in the 80's yet I remember most of these shows, games, toys ect.

You were not hot if you didn't have a Caboodle...remember this? What color did you have? Mine? PINK of course :)

Hey 80's kids , remember these ?! *I think I still have one somewhere LOL*

Vintage Fisher Price Barn Farm Silo Little People