Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cake Ice Cream Sundae

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

Hot Fudge Pudding Cake (easy!)

This skillet blackberry cobbler is a cherished recipe passed down to me by my mother-in-law. It looks complicated, but it's not. It looks delectable, and it is! Delicious doesn't have to be complicated. And it doesn't have to be made from scratch. This to-die-for skillet blackberry

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Gooey Bars / Chez's Note: You have to be an extreme chocolate-lover for these, and let them settle for at least 24 hours before you try to dig in. They are almost TOO rich. I would like to try it again, but I might cut down on some of the chocolat chips and sauce to see if that helps tone it down somewhat.

Peanut Butter Corn Flake Balls. Its nowhere close to describing the flat out, mind-blowing awesomeness of these sticky, gooey, creamy, chewy little blobs of edible bliss! Yeah cornflake cookies!

Skillet Brownies | Recipe by Barefoot Contessa

Puff Pastry Chocolate Palmiers Recipe. This Easter, serve these sweet treats that look complicated but couldn’t be easier to make. After being dusted with cocoa-powder, Puff Pastry is rolled up like a scroll, sliced and baked, then dipped in melted chocolate for extra measure! Even the Easter Bunny is going to want to stay at your house for a taste of these amazing sweets.

Mint Chocolate Cake

Paula Dean's Chocolate Chip Ooey Gooey Butter Cake

Mousse de chocolate

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups ~ OMG, simple & so yummy... Sweetened Cream Cheese Spread on Flattened White Bread. Rolled up and Drowned in Melted Butter, then Rolled in Cinnamon-Sugar Mix. Baked until they're Crispy and Browned... Fantastic!

Snickers Cake (Gooey Caramel Chocolate Cake) #Dessert #Recipe

Chocolate cake

Gooey chocolate pudding cake. I've made this and it's amazing. Best served with vanilla ice cream.

best ever cowboy cookies - bursting with oats and chocolate chips

German Chocolate Cake ~ it's so moist, rich, and really, really delicious

Easy Skillet Apple Pie | Making an apple pie has never been so easy. Simply toss apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar, and spoon over a refrigerated pie crust in the cast-iron skillet. Top with the other crust and bake. |

Raspberry White Chocolate Scones