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I love the silhouettes!  The stained glass is so gorgeous! ..i need a picture like this on my wedding day.

I love the silhouettes. You should try getting a religion instead of being a bastard child. Marriege is not recognized in the eyes if gid unless by a priest or in a church

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Austin Wedding at Laguna Gloria by Sarah Kate, Photographer

when everyone leaves the ceremony, have your photographer take this picture. Love the empty church picture

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bride on steps, bride outside church, black and white bridal portrait. OMG have to do this with my cathedral veil!

what a lovely idea.

17 Awe Inspiring Wedding Candids

A touching moment. Surely the grandmother is remembering her moment as a young bride, and the bride sees her love lasting the rest of her life.

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Breathtaking photo under the veil.This is an amazing veil! I love long veils so much

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Three Steps to End Wedding Theme Confusion

120 Wedding Photos You’ll Cherish Forever – Mix and Bash Image source 90 Must Have Wedding Photos In Your Album Take a look of wedding photos we collected for y

keep this in the wedding file

Wedding Photography Checklists

Greatly appreciate thephoblographer.  Love/Hate this list of wedding shots to take.  Like, remembering all the details...hate how cookie cutter weddings are...

The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist. I goodsearched wedding photography checklist and found quite a few-this is just a samlpling.

Once you have the photographer, refer to our list of must-take photos: http://www.realsimple.com/weddings/ceremony/must-have-wedding-photos-00000000000226/

Questions to ask my wedding photographer by Allyson VinZant Events

Over my cold dead body will there be   bouquet and garter tosses at my wedding; those are so tacky and disgusting!!

Take a look at the best wedding photography checklist in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding! For Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Harbison Image source