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#Geek Hierarchy put it this way geek = freaking Batman nerd = Batman fandom people and dork = "I can't wait for the Avengers movie I love Batman!" Or "Wait who's Dick Grayson?"

Ironman vs Batman.  Batman. Is. So. Fantastic. End.

Gollum Otter Is Not Amused

“Otter dislikes watermelon, but can’t stop eating it” Yesterday we discovered a series of photos of a giant otter at the Zlin Zoo in the Czech Republic. The photos are noteworthy because said otter is...

This would be me...but people eventually get tired of my cool jokes hahah

Once in a lifetime chance, and this guy blew it! Let me help you with that. I've never seen so much joy. Got an itch? She's definitely a sharp-shooter. Sometimes you just have to. The perfect storm. Now that's how you do a car wash. Cooling off