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Hair Repair Recipe

Over 10435 people liked this! DIY hair repair recipe ~ using honey, olive oil & apple cider vinegar

My hair mask recipe! :)

Spa treatment for a princess.

My hair mask recipe! :) but I use olive oil instead of conditioner and I apply it to dry hair and leave on for 1 hour. Then rinse out with cold water (or the egg cooks) and shampoo once with cold water.

Split ends repair treatment

Split ends repair treatment. I've been seeing this combination everywhere. I wonder if it works. - Looking for Hair Extensions to refresh your hair look instantly? focus on offering premium quality remy clip in hair.

Natural hair mask to repair damage.

The Ultimate Hair Mask

Last night I tried out a natural DIY hair mask. This mask contained the ultimate ingredients for super healthy hair: Eggs: Eggs are rich in protein, the high amount of protein from the raw egg help…

Acne Treatment

Honey & Lemon Facial for dark spot eraser and moisturizer. Hint: Dip honey coated lemon in granulated sugar for an automatic skin lighting/toning facial scrub.

scalp mask treatment

Detox your scalp for healthier hair