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    Flip up address book. The dial on the right moves to the letter you want. Press at the bottom to open.

    Foghorn Leghorn

    Bud Collyer - Beat the Clock

    Black out. Scrape, and you'd see the colors underneath. - We would do a project like this every year in school for Halloween. First orange crayon, then black crayon.

    THE grading pencil...

    Dodge push-button transmission - I had push-button transmission on my first car.

    Classic Commercial Jingles from the 50's and 60's

    Chilly Willy - I used Chilly Willy as my CB Handle.

    We had one of these on the back of the stove when I was growing up for the bacon grease.

    Burn Barrel - We had one of these in our back yard.

    Pea shooters....

    The cloak room at school

    The Mickey Mouse Club - Original Mouseketeers - a true walk down memory lane.....

    my favorite, back then!

    Oh yeah...standing and swinging

    We called it stick ball sometimes and cork ball other times.

    Remember Grandfather Clock on Captain Kangaroo

    Making "daisy chains" with clover in the summer time.

    Walking, not riding to school

    Butch Hair Wax - I used this back when I had enough hair for a flat top

    Flour Sifter

    Before American Idol there was Arthur Godfrey in "Arthur Godfrey Time" to show off new rising talent.

    Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae

    Colossal Cave Adventure - this is the first computer game that I remember. There were no graphics. Everything was left to your imagination.