Angelica Spirale!

World's most photographed spiral staircase at the Vatican Museums. Designed by Giuseppe Momo in The stairs are actually two separate helixes, one leading up and the other leading down, that twist together in a double helix formation.

The Rookery Building in Chicago is a historic landmark by architects John Wellborn Root and Daniel Burnham of Burnham and Root, built in 1888. It is considered the oldest standing high-rise in Chicago using steel framing. The lobby pictured was renovated in 1905 by Frank Lloyd Wright, Wright's work was restored and stabilized in 1989.

The Rookery The stunningly beautiful staircase and skylight at The Rookery in Chicago, by Burnham and Root. The building was completed in but Frank Lloyd Wright totally redesigned the skylit lobby in


Dovecot Studios Stairwell, design created with wool yarn. This looks so cool. Reminds me a little bit of guerilla art even though this staircase is inside. Love all the colours.

Stunning Spiral Stairs in Vatican Musuem by @vibrantshotphoto #fubiz #design #architecture  Mention @fubiz if you want to be featured on our Instagram

bluepueblo: “ Spiral Staircase, The Vatican, Rome, Italy photo via robin ”

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites: Photo

Baron Empain palace is one of the wonders that are found in Egypt. Many stories about ghosts' deeds in the palace. Who is Baron Empain? Why did he choose Egypt for his palace. Are the ghost stories are real?

I like this. I wonder if he planned the 'eye' thing by Davide Lombardi

This green "Eye" is formed by a tall spiral staircase in a brick tower, reaching toward the bell inside the Lamberti Tower, Verona Italy. (You are looking upward into the bell tower:) By Davide Lombardi

The spiral staircase, a photo from Rome, Lazio | TrekEarth.

Black and White Spiral Staircase - just love the ease and lightness of this staircase. Not to mention the shadows and the details in the picture.

Beautiful stairs

Gorgeous stairs, art nouveau style, from furniture master Yuri Moshans (Latvia)…