Christmas baby pic


I see pics like this one and I want to do this with my girls on a beach!! Maybe this summer we will go to Englands beach and take some photos.....Ideas Ideas!!

Family Pic.


Newborn Christmas announcements... I would do the bow only, skip the hat.


baby's first christmas

1st Birthday pic - love. Instead I'd do one balloon and retake the picture and add a balloon each year. A spin on the anniversary pics I've tagged.

omg this is adorable! !

Christmas Photography - have to do this with the baby

1st Christmas Photo... And the cutest thing I have ever, ever seen. @Char Lunsford

baby pic idea

how beautiful and precious! lovin the headband, too.

I have that reindeer hat for Dylan and a pic like this would be awesome. I love how this baby's eyes look.


cute idea for christmas photos

Santa Baby Christmas Stocking Hat for baby - a-freaking-dorable!!...can't use this to decorate but could not resist it.....maybe one of my "girls" will take a Christmas pic like this......when they have a baby.......

Christmas Baby Photography

More family and baby picture ideas! #baby #family #picture

Cute pic!!