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This manicure features a vibrant pink nail polish accentuated with leopard print in pink and black over a white base. Discover the products used here and get inspired.

This colorful manicure features sunny colors in blue, yellow, green and pink nail polish accentuated by white daisies. Discover the products used in this nail art design and get inspired.

Loose silver holographic glitter over wet nail polish (Claudia Cosmetics Glistening Snow) from the tip to the center of the nail & charcoal loose holographic glitter from the center down to the finger. To make a soft gradient mix both glitters & sprinkled

I own this nail polish and I love it. I bought it because the color is called May and may is my birthday month. I know I shouldn't have bought a nail polish based on its name, but it actually looks really good with my light skin tone.