arctic tones

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Master Bedroom Colors?

feathered spectrum -- For the whole house? Each room picks a color from this to relate to. The teal is my office. The plum is bedroom and music room. The oranges are the guest bedroom.

Check out my friends' color recommended Ultrabook.

Design seeds helps me put complimentary color palets together with a balance using visual art. It also has a palette search. Amazing tool when I like the colors & when I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Super inspriring and instructional!

bunny tones | more on:

Color Palette This coloristic ensemble includes muted shades of gray and coffee. Such a union of colours is perfect for creating a loft-interior in the cafeteria or rest.

love this color palate for a bedroom

bathroom paint palette--Hubby and I are painting and re-tiling the guest bathroom this summer. So excited for this project! I am thinking a dark purple like the one shown here would be a great color for painting.