Seven hour montage


20 Perfectly Timed Breathtaking Pictures

Take a photo of an old photo lined up where it was taken. @ DIY Home Crafts

Forced perspective...

Photographer’s girlfriend leads him around the world. Such a sweet idea and perspective.


Powerful steel engines blowing huge, undulating clouds of smoke into the air emerge from the fog in these strikingly beautiful images by engineer and self-taught photographer Matthew Malkiewicz.

Wonderful colors.

Astrophotographer Laurent Laveder has a delightful series of photographs titled Moon Games that feature creative photographs shot as the moon hangs low over a hill. Laveder's subjects play with the mo...


So cool..


Amazing aquarium shot

20 Perfectly Timed Breathtaking Pictures | Incredible Pictures

Its a good idea to have the subject look like its creating the entire shadow when its not.The photo wouldnt look good in colour because its suppost to be a miserable day so it makes sense to drain all the colour from itmake it blackwhite to have the best effect!This photo has been composed cleverly because it gets the audience thinking how the photographer got the shoes to fit the shadow perfectly.The photo is highlighted at the top making the rest of it dark so the shadow blends in well.


underside of a wave.