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These 100-Year-Old Aerial Photos Were Taken by Pigeons

Although pigeons nowadays are largely regarded as grubby urban pests, in the not-too-distant past, their service to mankind was much loftier indeed.
  • Parliament Of Owls

    In 1908 Dr Julius Neubronner patented a miniature pigeon camera activated by a timing mechanism. The invention brought him international notability after he presented it at international expositions in Dresden, Frankfurt and Paris in 1909–1911. Spectators in Dresden could watch the arrival of the camera-equipped carrier pigeons, and the photos were immediately developed and turned into postcards which could be purchased.

  • Lexi

    In 1903, a German pharmacist named Julius Neubronner started employing carrier pigeons to receive and fulfill emergency prescriptions from a hospital. One day, after a bird of his mysteriously returned a month late, Julius began to devise a way to track their flights. The avid tinkerer and amateur photographer developed a lightweight, timer camera rig that his pigeons could wear in flight to snap rare aerial photos, the likes of which, at the time, could only be captured via balloons or kites.

  • Diana Topan

    Julius Neubronner, Inventor of Pigeon Camera. Born on 8 February 1852, Julius Neubronner was a German apothecary, inventor, company founder, and a pioneer of amateur photography and film, best known for inventing the pigeon camera for aerial photography. The invention brought him international notability, the method being used for military air surveillance in the First World War and later.

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  • Tanmaye Pal

    100 yr old? Pigeons? Camera's weighed 10kg upwards back then! This must be one healthy pigeon

  • Rachel Birdsell - The Curious Crow

    If you click through and read the article, you'll see that this was a lightweight camera developed by German inventor, Julius Neubronner.

  • Ca Au

    metal parts were replaced by paper and cardboard.

  • Rebecca Cooper

    What *is* the air speed velocity of a camera-laden pigeon?

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