Tshirt quilt tutorial

Old T-Shirt Quilt! This is what I've been wanting to do for long with all of the retreat tshirts I have!

T-shirt quilt that is not even blocks and rows. This is what I want my t-shirt quilt to look like when I finally make them.

Tips on making a quilt from old jeans

t shirt quilt...so doing this one day

Step by step tshirt quilt

Tee-shirt quilt. A hoarder's best friend. Now I don't have to let all those tee-shirts go from my life.

T-Shirt Quilts - good to know how many shirts it takes.

no sew tshirt blanket!


Crafting a Green World | The home for green crafts and tutorials!

While They Snooze: Fall T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial

From XL Tee to cute dress!! Really easy tutorial

Candy Wrapper Pouch tutorial - this is so awesome!!

tshirt into a vest....just did it...love it!!

Old T-Shirt rug tutorial, very simple.

Tee Shirt Quilt!