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Everytime I see you on my timeline.. UGH

Lol. ..funny

Chicago - the best number in the musical

for sure!


don says so

I may be taking the high road on the outside, but inwardly, I'm wishing I could punch you in the face and slash your tires.


Good idea!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day

They be like…

The Montage - Laguna Beach - Orange County - California #tropical #paradise #beach



I died. I just keep watching it

LMAO Nikki Gadow HATE HER!!!!!!

AND Tanner finally just took the batteries out lol

I can't stop laughing


Surf boardddd ♥

palm trees for days >>>> just a few more days and I will be out of the cold and into the warm San Diego air. Can't wait!!!

Every Weekend #roll-a-bout

Annie Oakley is one of 215 Honorees in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

So, so true!