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    Childhood memories.

    so true. Ha

    50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget! I literally remember all of these things from my childhood! Where did all of this stuff disappear to?

    "Rolling down the window"

    Ahhhh yeah! :)

    Yes I did. I'd do it now, too!

    You're A 90's Kid if...

    You're A 90's Kid if...

    50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget- 90's Kid… Love this! Takes me back.


    oh. I definitely had one of these!!! Forgot ALL about them



    Laughing so hard, because its so so true

    sad but true

    This is awesome, took me ten minutes to read haha

    You are a 90's kid if this irritates you..

    Ok, this blog is awesome! So many childhood memories :-) Be sure to check out the virtual Speak & Spell. (how did we ever understand what that thing was saying?)

    But seriously.

    Station wagons ... and no seat belts! We'd ride long with friends singing silly songs and Dad would time it so we'd get a big thrill going up and down hills with our heads almost hitting the ceiling. Those days are gone forever and from a safety perspective it is just as well.