Tim Daly

Tim Daly, Full Page Pinup, Clipping

Paul Bettany - one of THE MOST underrated actors of our time. So excited to see him join the MCU in the flesh as the Vision. He owned the part 100%.

Paul Bettany is Ragnor Fell (imagine black eyes and green skin. and horns)

One of my favourite photographs  of all time

Jean Shrimpton and Terrance Stamp Oh and such style and class!

Terence Stamp

, or Terence Stamp HairStyle ? HollyWood Actor, Korean Men Hair Style, and others Hairstyle Collection in Here !


Robin William, before famous, in his Redwood High School yearbook photo. - So many times people suffering from depression, suffer alone. Tell others, people truly care.

Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale- for NIcole

ian mcshane images - Google Search

Ian McShane used to be kinda nice lookin'

Johnny Depp has ditched the braids and bandanna as he's unveiled as the face of Dior's new fragrance

Johnny Depp, 51, is first-ever face of Dior's male fragrance

Leonardo DiCaprio well hello

Leonardo di caprio - titanic, the starter

Paul Wesley  I can't expect that I'm really nuts about   Vampire Diaries...  No reasons...boys so cute!

Paul Wesley, Stefan Salvatore / Silas, The Vampire Diaries