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Gold goes with EVERYTHING

LSU football games on Saturday, the N. Saints on Sunday. can't live better than that!

I've got one for London, now I need one for my other favorite city that starts with an 'L'!

LSU ~~when I was at LSU, before there was the PMAC, basketball was played at the COW PALACE. Pistol Pete built the PMAC and we relished every minute watching him work magic on the court >^.

I had a bunch of these. I always used too much water and made a big wrinkly mess of the book

Paint with water books, so hard to find now a days too! - I still have this book and let my kids paint in it - the Gingham Girls Paint with Water (vs)

Chapel Veil for church. Girls & women couldn't have their head uncovered if you were Catholic.

Chapel Veil - Wore these to mass. Never left home without it on Sunday! At school we wore a paper towel if we forgot our chapel veil.

theatre in abandoned elementary school, North Carolina

theatre in abandoned elementary school, North Carolina.but this is about what they looked like in the movie theater, too.