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George Potter - Into the Desert - DVD

Peru - The Land of the Book of Mormon - DVD

The People of Lehi - DVD

Discovering Lehi's Trail - A Six-Part Series - DVD

History Detective Report

Making stalagmites!

Paper Dolls of Ancient Japan, China, India and North American Indians Here are paper dolls from different ancient nationalities to use when you … study Sonlight’s World History, or read stories from these countries, or study different nationalities, or just want to expose your children to clothing from Ancient times, or … just for fun!

Excellent history resources, worksheets and assessments

US history

Paper Men of Ancient History

Charlotte Mason Timelines

Lots of Egypt activities here

golden bracelets (Ancient Egypt)

Excellent coloring pages for ancient Egypt

Lehi in the Wilderness - Book

Grains of the World ~ Corn

Early Explorers Part 4 - Magellan, Aztecs,and the Conquistadors

aztec head dresses