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3 simple steps to get focused

self esteem

"Do More of What Makes You Happy" Shared by Lorie Marrero I totally agree. That's what I'm working on.

Live Simply Framed Wall Art

12 Ways To Create Joy In Your Life | Life Coach to Women | LaTersa Blakely

Oh, Amen! <3 This! You should read this.

5 ways to take your power back!

Fun little summer project (okay, not too little) for adding a little color into your center activities. Step-by-step directions for creating colorful cookie sheets.

The 3 Branches of Government Introduction Activity - FREE

$3.99 Spice Racks at Ikea! Great idea for bookshelves!!

10 Steps To Living An Authentic Life | Life Coach to Women | LaTersa Blakely

Interactive Math! Roll 3 dice, add them up and write the sum. Makes learning addition a little more exciting!

25 Alphabet Activities

3 Ways To Manifest Your Goals | Life Coach| Pittsburgh| LaTersa Blakely| Self Confidence|

Grab every eye in the room with this gorgeous 47-slide Prezi that provides all of the background information your class will need as you launch your study of S.E. Hinton’s classic novel, The Outsiders. Lecture + writing task + fun partner game + compelling video clip = AWESOMENESS!

How do you define success for yourself? What steps should you take? Read Jamie Fleming-Dixon's advice at http://ggene-sis.com/defining-success/ Image - License Some rights reserved by Loco Steve via flickr

This is so true. Sometimes we're so busy looking to the end that we don't realize it's the process of getting there that's really matters.

Get Your Butt Unstuck: 3 Keys To Pulling Yourself Out of A Rut | Life Coach to Women | LaTersa Blakely

Could do something similar for integrated science and defining the variables for power, velocity etc.

parking lot game -- call out a word (or letter) & they "park" in that place. PERFECT FOR SIGHT WORDS!

A collection of picture books which have positive messages and valuable character building lessons by notimeforflashcards.com #Books #Kids #notimeforflashcards