Burgundy to Bright Red Ombre Hair

21 Amazing Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

Red hair is perfect for every season but for this year the kind of color you should be looking at are these dark red hair color ideas!

Burgundy and red ombre. Love this! getting my hair done next week and I'm thinking about this!

i said i'd never dye my hair again, but i love the ombre look. last time, i dyed the underside red. would love to do this red ombre look, though!

ok, so i hate the whole ombre trend, it just looks like someone got lazy and didn't keep up with their hair color.  BUT thanks to my sister-in-law i found that i actually like the red ombre...

Favorite Things Friday

red ombre is actually beautiful for dark hair! I'm usually quite anti dying my hair and have never tried red but this looks amazing!