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  • Tokaeva

    Hehe, the simple truth

  • GottaTinkle! Travel - Camping - Parenting - Sports

    So true! Any other time, when ya aint gotta pee, the door opens right up! When you gotta go, you gotta go. Stop using gross public bathrooms, waiting in ridiculously long lines for smelly Porta-Johns and peeing on your self when your stuck squatting in the grass! Get GottaTinkle! Female Urination Device for women & children. It's quick, discreet, and hygienic. Just pee and toss out Baggie. No need to wash device-stays clean. Only pennies to use. Stand Up & Pee. Pinned by

  • Lacy

    So so true. Story of my life the last two weeks!

  • Angie Hawkins

    quotes funny #QUOTES #SAYING so true!!!! THAT and #2....yikes!!

  • Lauren Robertson

    Ummmm why is this?! SOTRUE!

  • Joann Ewen-swanson

    Ever thought "oh so true?"

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