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Read about the invisable horse trial at Badminton here

Fancy jumping this? It's a fence on the four-star cross-country course at Adelaide Horse Trials. View the whole course at #eventing #cross-country #adelaide

The Queen riding Birmese, one of the Queen's favourite horses. More favourites at

Enjoy looking back at Horse & Hound's 2014 in video at

Following numerous outbreaks of equine flu this winter, find out what you need to know from Horse & Hound's veterinary experts at at

This poor little chap was rescued after being discovered in an emaciated state close to death in the UK. Sadly his companion wasn't so lucky. He had already drowned in a ditch full of freezing water. *Warning: graphic images* Read more at - Horse & Hound

Atypical myopathy is killing horses in the UK. Find out all you need to know about this disease, which is linked to the seeds of the sycamore tree. In the US, the condition is called seasonal pasture myopathy and is linked to seeds of the box elder tree. Read all you need to know to protect your horses at #horses #horsehealth

We hope Albert, who has been described as an “absolutely brilliant” brave police horse, enjoys a long and happy retirement. Read more at

The Only Horse That Sleeps Like This

Breaktime: your source for the best viral videos, funny pictures & cute animal photo galleries; watch the best prank, fail & stupid videos, only on

Pony tied to roundabout and abandoned finds new home. The Horse & Hound team are delighted that 'Mt Nibbles' has found a new home. Read more at