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When the Vamp Queen submerges Wattana in a substance believed to rid people of magic. (Decide if this actually happens or if it's a nightmare)

French artist Daniel Firman, “Something Strange Happened Here” 2009Contemporary-Art-Blog

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tumblr, grunge, and pale image

Lizzie Rise (@LizzieRise)

Me duele tanto intento no pensarte pero siempre pasas por mi mente

Allison thought. "Shoot me." She plainly stated as Kasper whipped his head around to face her, "You have some nerve-" he didn't finish his sentence when he suddenly stopped then fell to the ground. He started shaking then he stilled. "The virus." Daniel muttered walking over to Kaspers lifeless body, he kneeled down and took the gun in his hand, "It killed him."

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