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Context Clues Packet Using Tier Vocabulary

Grab your detective hats and start the Clue-Searching fun! Research tells us that teaching vocabulary word by word doesnt cut it anymore. In addition, state tests are becoming increasingly difficult for our students. We need to give our students strategies to determine unknown meanings.

Cooking Up Context Clues

Students cannot survive on definitions alone. With the shift to common core, students are going to be expected to use their deductive skills to determine word meanings. Cooking Up Context Clues targets the this skill! There are 42, multiple choice cards using Tier 2 vocabulary words.

Context Clues Printables and Anchor Charts

These no prep Context Clues Printables offer print and go, common core aligned, context clues activities for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. This easy to use product includes 4 instructional pages, 4 pages of multiple choice questions, 4 pages of fill in the blank, and 2 pages of stories followed by printables that ask students to define underlined words using context clues (and also look them up in the dictionary to check for accuracy).

Critical Verbs of the Common Core Vocabulary Word Wall Cards

Students need exposure to academic vocabulary found in the Common Core standards, otherwise, they cannot perform well on THE TEST if they do not know what the questions are asking them to do!

13 Colonies Unit for Thirteen Colonies and Life in Colonial America Bundle

This Thirteen Colonies resource is a complete unit that includes many activities to teach your students about the Original Colonies of the United States and Colonial American life. Includes detailed information on the people of the colonies, New England Colonies, Mid Atlantic (Middle) Colonies, and Southern colonies.

Regions of the United States - Southeast Region

Your students will enjoy learning about the Southeast Region with this interactive packet. The hands-on approach to learning through the components of this resource will surely help your students learn and understand the Regions of the United States. This packet uses the Southeast Region as defined by the separation of the United States into 5 Regions.

Fractions Review: Equivalent, Adding & Subtracting, reducing, converting & MORE

Students use their fraction math skills to discover where the Forgetful Pharaoh left his Scepter in Ancient Egypt! They will be required to reduce fractions to lowest terms, compare fractions, create equivalent fractions, add and subtract with LIKE denominators, and convert improper fractions to mixed number fractions.

Comparing myths & high interest non-fiction: compare and contrast mega bundle


Context Clues: Football Sunday Skill of the Week

Happy Sunday! Here are some fab freebies to help teach context clues. Start with this FREE interactive notebook activity from my store. And follow up with this free practice and assessment that ali…