Lots of great sewing techniques with clear and detailed photos... very useful =)

Sewing 101: Know your presser foot - House of Pinheiro I need this

easy zipper technique!

this looks like a great way to avoid mitered corners

Lace insertion tutorial, clever and saves time

Sew a non-slip sewing machine foot pedal pad - a genius idea to stop the foot pedal slipping away from you. I'm on it!

binding tutorial with a flat fell foot

Great tutorial on blankets stitch (lots of pictures, how to start, how to make corners, etc.)

Velcro Sewing Tips | How To Sew Velcro. I didn't know there were special rules to machine sewing on velcro*

SINGER Pintuck Snap-On Presser Foot for Low-Shank Sewing Machines, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G6TYUYQ/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_awdm_0i0Lub1701KKT

How to Sew Piping from Country Woman -- shared by Beth Huntington of The Renegade Seamstress

Tank Top Pattern | Details about McCall's 6165 Stretch Tunic & Tank Top Sewing Pattern

Pour cet hiver, vous n'attraperez pas froid grâce à cette écharpe à capuche ! On vous montre toutes les étapes de couture dans ce tutoriel !

Tips, tricks and techniques for using the Edgestitch Foot #10

Un site plein de tutos et astuces ( coudre du simili, poser un fermoir aimanté ...)

Lots of great tips for sewing.

I'm new at this whole sewing thing. This is a very detailed description of how to get started.

Lots of cute free tutorials!

A long pincushion attached to a quilted mat that goes under the sewing machine. Quiets the noise and shaking, and gives you a handy place for pins.

easy sewing machine cover