Stamp Carving tools - This blogger also has a vdideo showing how she carves her stamps.

great stamp carving tutorial

stamp carving material

How To Make a DIY Carved Rubber Stamp - Dear Handmade LIfe

By Geninne

carved flower stamp

hand carved stamps

house rubber stamps. hand carved rubber stamp - hand carved stamp - mini village stamp - set of 7

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Making Tiny Pompoms

carved stamps

a background technique with tissue paper . first cut a tag and cover with gesso. cut a piece of tissue paper about twice the size of tag, stamp with Versafine black ink. cover tag with glue. wrinkle tissue. press stamped tissue on tag and added more glue on top, pressing on the folds. To get a better finish, don't cut the extra tissue but use a sanding block instead.

stamp carving tutorial

BEST stamp carving tutorial on the web; she covers from beginning (tracing your design) to end (stamping). She makes it look so easy

Hand-carved rubber stamp

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A project so fun and sweet and perfect for kids: making stamps out of sponges! {Plus a stamped tea towel idea.}

stamp carving

hand carved stamps

Stamp Carving is Awesome! - Happiness is Homemade

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