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Whether it is paint, oil pastel, crayon, or anything else you could think of (yarn, paper, sequins...), 8th grade students are showing what they know about value through the process of making portraits.

Student Art Guidefrom Student Art Guide

How to draw & paint faster: 15 tips for high school Art students

15 tips for high school Art students - especially those who are meticulous perfectionist drawers...or anyone else who struggles to get their projects completed on time!

I like the idea of a self portrait using mixed media - might have to use this one for class, perhaps pick 4 artists and styles? Picasso, Dali, LItchenstein, Rembrant, etc. Must pick 4 artists that we studied in class.

Quick Lichtenstein Pop Art Portrait Lesson for the end of the school year. Handout has pre printed dots. They just draw, sharpie, and color.

Change the mediums used. (Could be used as a final exam or final project to show student mastery of multiple mediums used throughout the course of the year)

"reduction print process" Very clear explanation and images for this process. You always start with the lightest color first and then print the darker colors on top. Can create this with a woodblock print and slowly carve out wood for each layer. Students should print a few copies so they can select the best image from the set to display or submit for grading.