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Dancing trees...how cool

Not all spirits need be human to start or humanoid when they die.

Fantastical art

"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. cummings ♥ [art- 'Dancing Trees' by Igor Zenin]

Fin tovlan

DRYAD [noun] tree nymphs in Greek mythology. In Greek, drys signifies “oak”, from an Indo-European root *derew(o)- “tree” or “wood”, thus dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees though the.

Per fare una casa ci vuole un albero

Per fare una casa ci vuole un albero

- Le Chêne Chapelle (Chapel-Oak) of Allouville-Bellefosse, France. Two century chapels built within and upon the remains of a now dying Oak tree.

Zipper, hand, clouds, sun, water, sparkle, reflections, fantasy art, clouds, opening, drawing, painting, amazing, beautiful.

I say, "In the shit (or storm) is hidden your treasures." Underneath this reality in which we live and have our being, another and altogether different reality lies concealed.

Clara Lieu-Falling Study x printmaking ink and lithographic crayon on sanded Dura-Lar, 2011

Vivimos en tantas vidas y tantas vidas vivimos nosotros. ~ Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Page 440. (Tree of Life)

We live in so many lives and so many lives live in us. ~Carl Jung, Tree of Life

For the Wishing tree perhaps?  "The Wishing Tree by Seamus Heaney, I thought of her as the wishing tree that died/And saw it lifted, root and branch, to heaven,/Trailing a shower of all that had been driven/Need by need by need into its hale/Sap-wood and bark: coin and pin and nail/Came streaming from it like a comet-tail/New-minted and dissolved. I had a vision/Of an airy branch-head rising through damp cloud,/Of turned-up faces where the tree had stood."

For the Wishing tree - Seamus Heaney, I thought of her as the wishing tree that died/And saw it lifted, root and branch, to heaven,/. where the tree had stood.

Tree spirits are carved right into the side of a living tree. These are based on a wise old man archetype. Perhaps like the native indians who considered all living things to possess a spirit, these carvings represent the creator's or life spirit.

COMMUNICATION WITH SPIRITS Allows contacting spirits and nourishing the souls of the departed. Helps receiving input from providence, dreams with messages, insights and good advices. Helps overcome sorrow and grief.

Beach Path by Cynthia Howard Oil ~ 29" x 20"

I like looking at the blending in her sand and how she did her grasses. Pretty little path to the seaside. "Beach Path by Cynthia Howard Oil ~ x "

Amy Ringholz

Amy Ringholz will be the featured artist at Fall Arts Festival, Her work is on disply at Altamira Fine Art.