Jazz Garden, piano waterfall, 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show, by Bérénice.

Jazz Garden, piano waterfall, 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show, by B

A Guide to Perennial Placement in the Garden. Brilliant. by kelly.meli

A Guide to Perennial Placement in the Garden, use this only switch the edging plants as fall, either sedum or chrysanthemum.

Mini Greenhouse with old windows

I think this little make-do green house is this just fabulous. How many of us get those old windows and have extra to spare, all you need to do is use some wood or bricks or cinder block like this photo and you have a mini green house.

a hollowed log raised flower bed is a super cool idea

20 Eye-Catchy Flower Bed Ideas To Try - Shelterness

unique flower container garden ideas

Kick-Start Spring with Modern Planters

This article is about re-purposed garden planters. It includes a wide variety of ideas for both indoor and outdoor gardens. There are ideas for both items to use as is and items to craft into planters.

Climbing hydrangea.... had no idea that this existed.  Have to have.

Climbing hydrangea vine: Hydrangea anomala petiolaris is one of the best of the ornamental vines and useful because it will grow and flower even in a northern exposure. This is a large heavy vine that requires a very sturdy support. Though deciduous, it's

great tips for growing fall mums here -- or for trying to keep them from an early death??!!

10 Tips for Purchasing & Caring for Fall Mums - My Tuesday {ten} No. 14

DIY Age Plastic Terra Cotta Flower Pots | Garden Ideas | Outdoor Decor | DIY Flower Pots | Spring Gardening

How to age plastic flower pots with paint

How to easily and quickly transform plastic terra cotta flower pots into one that looks aged and worn with paint, water and a sanding block.