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Face brightening toner! Reduces the size of pores, brightens face, reduces inflammation, and helps with acne!!! I need to try this!
HOW TO CURE BREAKOUTS AND ACNE SCARS A fashion model recommends: Mix lemon juice and egg white together and put it on your face as a mask. Let it dry and then rinse it off with warm water. REPEAT IT ONCE A WEEK. You skin will become less oily, the breakouts will disappear and acne scars will vanish.
How to: get rid of those 'Red Bumps' over a four day period with a Banana Peel.
7 Types Of Acne. Good to know.
Who Knew!
Tutorial: How To Achieve Natural-Looking Curls With A Curling Iron | Lovelyish
Sugar Hand scrub - kind of like MaryKay's Satin Hands only cheaper! GREAT GIFT IDEA! put in mason jar, tie with bow, add a tag! Fill mason jar 3/4 of the way full with sugar. Then add dawn dish soap (I use the pink one that has the olay in it, smells good and moisturizes) until it reaches just below the mouth of the jar. Stir the sugar and soap together until it is paste like. If it seems to be too runny, add a little sugar at a time until it is the desired consistency. So cheap and easy!!
DIY beach spray for hair.
Dr Oz Botox Remedy  1. Mash up half a banana with the back of a fork (the more ripe the banana, the better!)   2. Mix in 1/4 cup yogurt and 1 tsp of honey.   3. Spread the face mask all over your face.   4. Relax for 15 minutes.   5. Rinse off your face well.  For a deep wrinkle treatment, cover your face with a warm moist washcloth while you wait the 15 minutes. The steam, moisture and heat will help the face mask really sink in.