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  • Swoopify Inc

    Seen Anyone Fall Because Of Banana? #humor #lol #funny

  • Corina Graham

    This makes me laugh because I often throw banana peels out the window during my commute to work. @sarah, I hope this makes your giggle.

  • Brooke Anne

    true story..

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"as if I wasn't enough of a freak, let's add a tiara!”

Every morning is a constant battle between deciding to spend time on your appearance or sleep for just 15 more minutes. Sleep usually wins.


haha. sad but true. When I'm in front of my closet picking an outfit there's a list of questions that I make to me,myself and I.... This is always on my mind!!! hahahahaha ... tht's funny stuff

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I don't care as long as the person's not after me. And if they do, I have Peeta, Katniss, Robin Hood, the Pevensies, a bunch of Greats Cats and a pack of Wolves, Hiccup, Astrid, Merida, Heather, Camicazi, Thuggory, Rapunzel, Jack Frost, Nod, Guy, Flynn, Kristoff, Hans, Pascal, Angus, Toothless and an entire race of Night Furies, and an entire arsenal of weapons....*inhales deeply* so I'm perfectly safe. *exhales in relief* lol XD

Ain't it the truth! Great message to get those suppliers in to your consignment, resale, thrift shop

sounds like my grandma.goes in for one certain thing.or a couple of things.ends up being in there for hours on end and gets more than what she needed..Gotta love her :)

Oh why yes it does! STORY OF MY LIFE!

bah hahaha i would text this to someone... the title read life of a marine biologist...haha

Josh Lam Maxwell ....... I knew you were a good one because you love cats, and all animals :)